International Courier

Race is the best ally for your business, air shipment of samples, documents, packages,  for more than 20 years.

Fast Transport

Our infrastructure and specialized personnel allow us to beat all delivery times.

Specialized Infrastructure

We have infrastructure in Ezeiza and in the cities with the highest traffic.

Strategic Alliances

We actively participate in the main chambers of the sector and have a global network of agents.

Door to Door

We have delivery service door to door, airport to airport or airport to door.

¿How do we export?

Get your package

We pick your merchandise from any location in the country.

Sent in 72 hrs.

In 72 hrs your package arrives its destiny under the Courier regime.

Get Tracking Number

We facilitate a tracking number to make the follow up of the cargo in real time.

We work with Exporta Simple.

This platform allows you to ship to any country in the world without the need to be registered as an exporter or do paperwork.